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16 May

Strawberry Farms Wedding: Christin and Brian

She walked into Strawberry Farms perfectly poised, floating much like a ballerina centerstage. Her hands carefully touched her wedding dress, her grandmother's tea ceremony dress, the crystals on lip of her shoes. If nothing else, Christin was ready. Ready to marry the man who unexpectedly became the center of her world. 

Brian's friends casually joked with him, recalling days when Brian wondered if he'd ever find "The One". He focused on his career and love for basketball, but nothing quite filled the void in his heart until he crossed paths with his college friend, Christin. 

She was beautiful, kind, and emanated joy...but she wasn't interested in a relationship. Nope, not at all. Undeterred, Brian offered to help refurbish a home she had just purchased. Over laying wood floors and installing light fixtures, Christin saw Brian as more than a friend. She saw him for who he was when he was around her. A couple years later, he proposed and they moved into that very house after celebrating a beautiful wedding at Strawberry Farms

Christin and Brian...I wish I could thank you in a million languages. Beyond appreciating your inordinate kindness and generosity, I'm so happy the world has a couple like you in it. You're amazing individuals, but together you light those around you and believe in their very best. It was honor being your wedding photographer. Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The wedding day started with a Kirstie Kelly wedding dress, blue Badgley Mischka shoes, and champagne...a perfect beginning, I might add...

Christin's mom and sister are some of the sweetest, salt of the earth people...just being around their love made me happy.

The ever dapper Brian waited for his future bride to join him for a First Look...

...but not before having a bridal portrait taken.

They opted to see each other before the ceremony to ensure they had plenty of time for wedding photos at Strawberry Farms...and they were elated to be in each other's arms.

Shortly after seeing each other, a gust of wind came along and snatched Christin's veil, lodging it on a barn hook. Their reactions are priceless, and I'm happy to say the veil remained unharmed during the removal process!

Christin donned a stunning dress for her tea ceremony that belonged to her grandmother...it was gorgeous and filled with a legacy of commitment and love.

Shortly after the tea ceremony, Christin changed into her wedding dress and prepared for her wedding ceremony...

Brian made the wedding arch and it was the perfect place to say I Do...

The First Kiss...and fist pumping.

After the ceremony, we strolled the Strawberry Farms property for more wedding photos...

The sun was like Baby Bear's porridge: juuuuuust right.

Many thanks to Elsa and Melissa of ME Weddings & Events for their tireless execution of the wedding day and reception details...they made everything lovely with help from Blomma Bloem Designs.

The First Dance...

Christin and Brian told me their reception was going to be a fun party, but they failed to mention it'd turn into a marathon of epic dancing...it was SO much fun!!

I'll end on this happy note because, really, this cowgirl sure loves her wannabe gangster/raver! ;)

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the amazing team who made the wedding a complete success: 
Wedding Venue: Strawberry Farms 
Planner: ME Weddings & Events 
Florist: Blomma Bloem Designs 
Makeup/Hair: Kelly Zhang Makeup and Hair Team 
DJ: DJ Icy Ice 
Lighting: TMMPro 
Linens/Rentals/Draping: ATB Rentals 
Chiavari Chairs: Fusion Linens 
Photobooth: Cheesy Photobooths 
Cake/Dessert: Sweet and Saucy 
Wedding Photographer: Jasmine Star 
ANNA - Gorgeous wedding Jasmine! Loved all the photos :)  04.30.14 - 5:35am
NORMA SKINNER - Stunning documentation, fabulous, exotic textures.  04.25.14 - 11:24am
RUBEN NUNEZ - Beautiful work as always Jasmine!  04.24.14 - 2:48pm
PAUL RICHARDS - Fantastic wedding photography! You've really captured the joy in some of those bride/grrom portraits. Great work.  04.23.14 - 8:01am
TONYA DAMRON - love!!  04.22.14 - 9:19pm
ASHLEY ROGERS - Stunning couple, gorgeous wedding, and THAT reception looks like a blast! Lovely work, J!  04.22.14 - 7:44pm
HAYLEYLANE - Gorgeous images as always Jasmine. The veil shot is just magic! Loving the lanterns and succulents at the ceremony, they look awesome  04.22.14 - 7:37pm
TAMI PAIGE - Beautiful as always...I think my favorite may be the one of them leaning up against the fence. That light is like a spotlight from heaven...or something less cheesy. :)  04.22.14 - 5:29pm
DEBORAH ZOE - I don't think that veil shot could be any more perfect!! What good sports too:)!!  04.22.14 - 1:18pm
JANA WILLIAMS - Such a beautiful bride and really great photography. So solid!   04.22.14 - 12:32pm
JESSICA A - You nailed it Jasmine! You captured the most perfect moments! You are such an inspiration :)  04.22.14 - 12:01pm
NENA - One day you'll be my wedding photographer so I'll have beautiful photos just like this to make me smile for the rest of my life! =-)  04.22.14 - 9:14am
KATELYN JAMES - LOVE THIS!!! So many beautiful shots! They both have such amazing smiles!!!! 04.22.14 - 8:49am
BECKY MALE - Love the first look by the barn doors - just gorgeous. Oh and the dance floor shots are ace - great work Jasmine  04.22.14 - 8:37am
JENNIFER WEEMS - I absolutely love the idea of wearing your family heirloom dress for part of the day. Her grandmothers dress is kind of amazing.  04.22.14 - 8:36am