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25 Mar

Wedding Gown Designer Program Brings Shopping Experience into the Home

Posted by Kirstie Kelly in Blog, Borrow Me, Equally Wed, Garden Collection

Searching for the wedding dress should be one of the most memorable experiences of the wedding planning process. There’s something to be said about the moment you look into the mirror after trying on who-knows-how-many styles and being able to picture yourself walking down the aisle toward your future wife.

But not every salon experience is as cinematic as movies portray. Whether you’re a shy bride who prefers to make the decision without the fuss, or you’ve experienced not-so-nice stylists at your local shop, there is no “right” way to choose your wedding dress, which is why we are loving wedding gown designer Kirstie Kelly’s Borrow Me program.


Brides have the option to actually try on the beautiful gowns in the comfort of their home, while still receiving the impeccable advice, remotely, from Kelly’s talented team. “In today's shopping market, we have had the privilege of being able to purchase clothing online,” explains Sarah Alderete, bridal stylist and Borrow Me program manager. “We wanted to bring that option to brides as well. With busy work schedules, family obligations, etc., we wanted brides to be able to try on wedding gowns in the comfort of their own home around friends and family.”

 For $35, brides can borrow a gown for two days, taking her time with the decision-making process. Sarah is as hands-on as needed, helping you learn how to take your own measurements (bust, waist and hip), deciding which size to select, assisting in fit and fabric choices, and more.

“All brides are uniquely different in their own way,-but I have noticed that working women love the option of trying the gown at home,” Sarah explains of her typical client. “Brides who live in busy cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York love the option of not having to deal with traffic and cab fare. Additionally, brides in rural areas that are limited to local shops can now try on the gowns they didn't have access to before. Brides who want custom gowns are more prone to go to a bridal salon.”




Choose from Kelley’s frothy Anemone gown (left), classic Lily (middle), fashion-forward Dahlia (right), and more. You can also borrow accessories and bridesmaid dresses. “A bride can try on as many gowns as she chooses, it all depends on what she loves,” says Sarah.

And the experience is completely up to you -- have friends over for a viewing party, complete with Champagne and cake, or make it intimate with just your fiancée or best friend. No two brides are alike, and, when it comes to shopping for the dress, it’s nice to know that we have options.

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