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16 Oct

Wedding Tassels

For the past few years, mason jar decoration has been the most popular DIY wedding accessory. We've been in need of some change, so we're welcoming the newest DIY trend with open arms!

Introducing the wedding tassels. They've been all over wedding blogs, wedding magazines, and weddings in general. Like mason jars, they are so easy to make and for those of you wanting to take the crafting to a third party, you can find hundreds of vendors on Etsy. You can make them any color or any length to go with the theme of your wedding. Disclaimer: they are not for everyone! Having a church wedding with a traditional reception to follow? Tassels might not be your thing. Having the ceremony and reception in an outside rustic setting? Tassels could definitely be your thing. Create an entire line across the top of the reception or simply just dangle a few off of every chair. They're low cost but high in decoration. We can't wait to see more of these! 


All images courtesy of Pinterest

25 Sep

Hair Pieces

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, there is a hair piece that's right for you and right for your wedding! The key is finding one that compliments the theme and style of your dress.

The three most popular pieces are ones that wrap around the back of the head which sits on top of a bun, a chain hair piece that rests on top of the head, or a jeweled head band that lies on the hairline. If you're thinking elegance and simplicity, the gold leafed band could be perfect for you. If your wedding has a bohemian vibe the chain piece could create a beautiful look paired with a vintage lace dress. If you're big day look is more traditional, you can't go wrong with a jeweled headband to make the traditional seem more glamorous! 

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with a head piece! 

18 Sep

All about Azalia

We love spotlighting our gowns - this week it's the Azalia! The Azalia, like our total Garden Collection, is inspired by the lush landscapes and effortless lifestyle evoked through laying in a garden. As always there is a tremendous focus on the inside corset of the gown and the one part of the gown that can make you feel and look amazing on your special day.

Azalia is a Silk organza and net rouched gown with sweetheart neckline. It has a lace appliqué low back and mermaid skirt flounce detail and lace. This dress would be perfect in an outdoor setting and it's the perfect dress for any season! 

11 Sep

Minimalist Wedding

Weddings can get complicated, oh so very complicated. Between the center pieces, your wedding dress, the cake, the flowers - it can be enough to drive anyone up a wall. The good news is, a recent bridal trend has made it easier to plan your wedding than ever before.

Introducing... the Minimalist Wedding. Minimalism can be applied to everything including art, music, and literature, and for weddings it means simplicity. Instead of spending money on trying to wow your guests with amazing decorations, make the sole decoration the new married couple. Instead of over the top centerpieces, use simple bud vases with a single flower or try floating a single candle in a vase with water. For the wedding cake, think whites and solid colors, no need for flash in this wedding theme. This idea saves you not only stress, but so much money. However don't get the word simplicity confused with being boring, this theme is anything but that. Use strong colors to contrast with the white and you'll have a bold, beautiful, and minimalist wedding! 

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