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02 Oct

Flower Girls - What to Throw Down the Aisle

There are so many new ideas for flower girls it's hard to keep track. Here are a few of our favorite ideas! 

Instead of throwing rose petals down the aisle, your littlest bridal member can throw lavender. It's a great option because not only will it make your walk down the aisle smell wonderfully, if you're having an outside wedding the herb will biodegrade without worry. Oversized balloons are an obvious trend for 2014 and with good reason. They are uniquely fun and definitely an attention grabber. The flower girl or girls will love holding these giants above their head. If you're looking for a no mess idea for an indoor wedding, a ribbon wand could be your best bet. Your little ones will absolutely glow with happiness at the fun they're having walking down the aisle. The last, and probably the messiest, is for the little darlings to scatter glitter before you walk. It's definitely the most hassle, but who doesn't want to walk down an aisle full of glitter?? 

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