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11 Sep

Minimalist Wedding

Weddings can get complicated, oh so very complicated. Between the center pieces, your wedding dress, the cake, the flowers - it can be enough to drive anyone up a wall. The good news is, a recent bridal trend has made it easier to plan your wedding than ever before.

Introducing... the Minimalist Wedding. Minimalism can be applied to everything including art, music, and literature, and for weddings it means simplicity. Instead of spending money on trying to wow your guests with amazing decorations, make the sole decoration the new married couple. Instead of over the top centerpieces, use simple bud vases with a single flower or try floating a single candle in a vase with water. For the wedding cake, think whites and solid colors, no need for flash in this wedding theme. This idea saves you not only stress, but so much money. However don't get the word simplicity confused with being boring, this theme is anything but that. Use strong colors to contrast with the white and you'll have a bold, beautiful, and minimalist wedding! 

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