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14 Aug

Wedding Send Offs

Posted by Kirstie Kelly

Throwing rice on a couple as they leave their ceremony is an old send off tradition used to symbolize good luck. However over the years, rice has become a bit of a wedding faux pas because of the messiness and rumors of it's harm to nature. So what can you throw instead? 

Rose petals are a romantic alternative, especially if you're having a garden wedding. Match the colors of the petals to the theme of your wedding and you're guaranteed a romantic send off. One of our favorite options is biodegradable confetti. It's fun, pretty, and is less hassle then most exits. Bubbles are an amazing and less costly option. You can capture great exiting photos with zero clean up, plus it's fun for all ages. Releasing balloons is another great alternative, similar to releasing lanterns to celebrate. The most common is having guests use sparklers as the new couple leave the reception. It creates a mystical glow to your exit and allows for some incredible photos. 

The best part about a wedding is being able to make it your own. Whether you throw petals, confetti, or release balloons, there are are no wrong ways to exit a wedding! 

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