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11 Jun

Wedding Venue!

Whether you’ve picked Mexico, the Turks & Caicos Islands or your favorite island in Hawaii for your destination nuptials,  remember the weather is going to be hot and tropical, so you want to pick gowns that are breezy, light  and flow while keeping an elegant casualness about them.  Choose a gown out of lighter fabrications with a chapel train or one that is easy to bustle. Look for silhouettes that will travel well and will be comfortable in the more exotic settings like the gowns shown here.

Creamy Cymbidium 'Lionello' spill out of a bridal bouquet accented by frothy astilbe and buds of society garlic, and finished with white-silk satin ribbon is a perfect destination bouquet. 

Here are some recommendations from our partner, BevMo!:

Ceibo Torrontes/Chardonnay, Argentina 2011 -  92 PTS Wilfred Wong A gifted white wine, incredibly exotic and wonderful; the Torrontes/Chardonnay is delightful with hints of flowers and core fruit flavors.

Ceibo Malbec/Cabernet, Argentina 2010 - 92 PTS Wilfred Wong A sophisticated choice, plays to the whole wine world, comes forth with grapey and mineral flavors; long and firm in the finish. 



Nowhere, of course, do weddings and wine flow more freely than in Napa Valley or other splendid wine country locations throughout the world. The vineyard backdrop is perfect for a romantic wedding. 

At once relatively casual and yet also the epitome of etiquette and sophistication your bridal gown can be short and sassy with some shimmer to long and flowing as if it were a natural part of the lush landscape.  You certainly can have fun with the gown and it can be as grand as you want it to be just make sure you’re picking more organic materials and soft textures and you can lean toward ivory or off-white. What other romantic location can you taste the bouquet as well as catch it?!

The bride's bouquet is composed of giant, lush peonies and ruffly sweet peas in various shades of pink, and is tied with an ivory satin ribbon. A perfect combination of gown and bouquets, don’t you think?

Below are a couple of wonderful recommendations from BevMo!

Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Merlot, Sonoma County 2006 – Fine and welcoming, this posh Merlot packs wonderfully ripened fruit onto the palate; shows red and black berries with nice maturity.

Ranch 32 Chardonnay, Monterey 2010 – 90 PTS Wilfred Wong A full-flavored effort, this boldly constructed Chardonnay offers a strong citurs personality to the palate with a trace of barrel richness.


Kate became Duchess a year ago and that was the ultimate traditional wedding of all traditional weddings. However, she managed to be respectful of the traditions, while showing off her figure…and that train! If you’re going to have a really traditional wedding in a cathedral then your gown should be in perspective to the grandeur of your environment. You’ll usually want to look at ball gowns with cathedral trains and focus more on beading and texture because you don’t want your gown to get lost among the ornateness of your surroundings.

A tailored yet poetic bouquet of anemones, with their true-black centers and white sweet peas, is cinched with a wide black-velvet band and narrow dotted ribbon. Perfectly formal and gorgeous.

And when talking about traditional wines whose bouquets are sure to be a great matchup for the guests of the one tossing the bouquet, here are some recommendations for our traditional bride.

Francis Coppola Director’s Cut Chardonnay, Carneros 2010 – Sunshine bright and fine, the well-made Chardonnay exhibits ripe apple and pear flavors, with notes of fresh flowers; crisp and easy finish.

Coppola Director’s Cut Merlot, Sonoma County 2010 - 90 PTS Wilfred Wong Taking from the New World strength, the Merlot is ripe, smooth and truly delicious; loaded with plenty of ripe cherry flavors.

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