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01 Nov

Halloween Inspiration


Who wouldn't want to wear a pair of Herme's wings? Up, up and away!...................... 
I'm loving the modern twist on a vintage Harlequin classic ensemble. The platforms top the look off!

From Left to Right: Hermès Scarf Butterfly, The Harlequin from Vivienne Westwood



The ambiguity of the mask, the blue rainbow ombre and weeping feathered umbrella can trigger an imagination to soaring heights. 

 Alexander McQueen                              Thierry Mugler                           Jean Paul Gaultier



How much fun would it be to wear a pillow and blanket? It gives the term " bed-Head hair" another meaning. 

From Left to Right: Christian Dior the black witch, Viktor & Rolf sleeping beauty, Birds Nest



This 24K tattoo is my Halloween inspiration and on my Christmas list! How clever is a gold tattoo?
Lacroix never disappoints! How genius is this skeleton necklace and arm band?! 

From Left to Right: 24k Gold Tattoo from Christian Dior, skeleton cuff and necklace from Christian Lacroix

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